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On the third day of the BJP’s Training Workshop, the speakers who delivered the lectures on different subjects

On the third day of the BJP’s Training Workshop, the speakers who delivered the lectures on different subjects included State President & MLA Sat Sharma, Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh, State General Secretary (organisation) Ashok Koul, former National Incharge BJP Training Department Alok Kumar and BJP State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi.
Sat Sharma, while speaking on Party Finance Management, said that party keeps transparency in the collection of funds and their utilization. He emphasized that the party funds should be used judiciously and economically while maintaining due records of every kind of transaction. He said that all the District and Mandal Presidents also required to follow the set guidelines in the matters related to the finances at their respective levels. The funds should be duly audited at the closure of each financial year.
Dr. Nirmal Singh spoke on Good Governance and said that the aim of the BJP-PDP coalition is to provide corruption free, accountable and transparent government and to address promptly and effectively the grievances of all sections of the society. He also expressed the view that the present government in the state is taking a keen interest to initiate new development projects and working for the welfare of the common people, particularly the down trodden, poor, marginalised communities and the womenfolk.
Ashok Koul spoke on the basic principles and the ideology of BJP. He told that the BJP denounces the caste system and firmly believes in social equality, religious tolerance and equal opportunities for the progress to all the sections. It strongly believes and practises its five principles-democracy, respect for all religions, nationalism and unity of the nation, social equality and establishment of exploitation free society and value based politics.
Alok Kumar spoke on Integral humanism Philosophy as propounded by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayay, which forms the clause third of the Constitution of BJP and is basic principle of the party. He emphasized that a man has four components namely his physique, mind, intellect and the soul and Integral Humanism takes care of the development of all these four aspects of a man. He said that as per the philosophy, the development of a human being starts from his individuality and it grows progressively from family, village, province, nation, and universe and then reaches the ultimate truth i.e.God, which is a continuous process.
Sunil Sethi, spoke on the Economic Management. He said that in the pre historical period, the economy of Indian society was based on sound footings. It was an economy independent of the ruling class and based on free flow of money between all the professionals during the celebrations of festivals and the to and fro religious journey of the people throughout the country. Village was the basic unit of economic activities. He said that the policy of present BJP government at the centre is putting all efforts to bring prosperity in the country by bringing a new economic model which includes the programmes like Make inIndia, Skill development and promoting the agriculture based industries.
State Training Department incharge Rajeev Charak and Co-Incharge Subhash Bhagat organised the ongoing training workshop.