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Opposition always exploited DPs, refugees: Sat

Reiterating his party’s commitment towards mitigating sufferings of the Displaced Persons of PoJK and refugees from West Pakistan, BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma charged the opposition parties of having exploited these hapless people right from 1947. He said that none of the parties, except BJP, has accepted it as a human problem and considered the same in a humane way.

Sat Sharma said that it has been BJP, which right from the day one of its birth, remained in forefront to highlight the plight of DPs and refugees. Our party formed government at the Centre first time in 1996 with Atal Behari Vajpayee as PM and Financial Assistance was provided to the then State Government for distribution among DPs and refugees but due to the non-seriousness on part of the Kashmir-centric government, the same was diverted for some other purposes. He further said that now when BJP government is again in power at the Centre and also in coalition in the state, the issues of PoJK and West Pakistan Refugees have been vigorously persuaded as a result of which NDA government has sanctioned and released rupees 2000 crores for DPs from PoJK. Not only this, the Modi government has also announced a number of concessions for refugees from West Pakistan and their genuine demands are very much under active consideration of the Modi government.

As far opposition parties making hue and cry over rupees 2000 crores financial assistance, Sat Sharma made it clear that this amount is neither final nor an end and added that the BJP will continue to pursue the cases of DPs and refugees till the fulfillment of their every genuine demand.  

Sat further said that large number of DPs of 1947 are still landless as they have not been allotted the land under SRO 578/C, whereas 20 lakh kanal of state land was illegally occupied during the rule of then state governments of Congress and NC. Now the Govt. of BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi has came forward with sincere concern to mitigate the problems of DPs once and for all but opposition parties have again started playing politics with the innocent DPs of 1947, 65 and 71, which is most unfortunate and highly condemnable.