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Pol parties, citizens should respect SC judgment: Sethi

The recent judgment of the Supreme Court of India on SARFAESI Act lays down in categorical terms what is legal and factual position of Jammu and Kashmir as a constituent unit of India. It has conclusively held that there is no concept of partially sovereignty of Jammu and Kashmir State and that attributes of sovereignty are exclusively vested with India, noted Chief Spokesperson of State Bharatiya Janata Party Sunil Sethi.

The consistent and vicious feeding to public particularly in Kashmir of Separatists and even some mainstream political forces about Kashmir Nationalism and attributes of sovereignty of State has been laid to rest by authoritative pronouncement by Supreme Court that there are no vestiges of sovereignty in the state. This landmark judgment has taken turf from under feet of ideology of Separate Identity of Kashmir.

Sunil Sethi called upon all political forces and citizens to show respect to judgment and be united under flag of Nationalism, that is India. Game plan of separatists and their supporters including new political friends stands exposed before public and are now trying to make illogical and unreasonable efforts of speaking against judgment or efforts of State in projecting cause before Supreme Court.

He said Jammu and Kashmir is a proud part of India and Constitution of State as well as Constitution of India declares that it clear terms. Pleading cause of limited accession is turning blind eye to reality. Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja of Jammu Kashmir was exactly same as was signed by other states. Illegality was committed by so called Delhi Agreement between Nehru and Sheikh and its aftermath which is historic blunder which has put state in all its present day problems.