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Opposition Misleading about Agenda of Alliance: Brig Gupta

In a press statement issued by Bharatiya Janata Party its spokesperson Brig Anil Gupta has strongly condemned the statements being made by leaders of certain political parties and self-appointed champions of Jammu blaming BJP for sacrificing the interest of Jammu by signing the Agenda of Alliance with PDP. “These very leaders were out rightly rejected by the people of Jammu only a year back for their non-performance and high headed ness. While in power they were busy looting the public exchequer and filling their own coffers. They neither had time nor showed any interest in development of their respective areas. There is not even a single major achievement as far as the development of Jammu region is concerned. Now that they are out of power they do not waste any time in issuing false and motivated statements to defame BJP,” said Brig Gupta.

The Agenda of Alliance has been signed between the coalition partners to honour the mandate given by the people of Jammu & Kashmir. It is to act as the frame work for provision of good governance, self-sustaining and balanced development of all three regions of the State. “Due to the neglect of the previous Congress-NC alliance government the infrastructure; physical and social, had crumbled adversely affecting the tourism industry, the major source of revenue. The state’s economy was on the verge of collapse. Lack of leadership was glaringly absent. The people of the state voted for a change,” explained Brig Gupta. At this juncture the two parties came together keeping aside their ideologies to serve the people who were yearning for change and formed an alliance with the purpose of creating an enabling environment for all round economic development of the State and prosperity of the people. The mission of the Coalition Government as given in the Agenda of Alliance is, “ to be the most ethical state in the country from the present day position of being the most corrupt state”, said Brig Gupta. He further advised the opposition leaders to stop spreading lies and explain to the people as to what they have done for safeguarding the interests of the people of Jammu.