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Opposition should prove allegations of corruption: Sat

“The developments taking place after the announcement of historic decision on the existing currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 indicate that the public is with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his commitment to end corruption, black money and fake currency. A common citizen is convinced that such a step was necessary for the last 70 years in the interest of the country but unfortunately some political parties are misleading the people by presenting the wrong picture on demonetization. How strange it is that the parties who were once a part of scandals, are now opposing demonetization”, this was stated by BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma (C.A), while addressing the media persons at party headquarter alongwith State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh, Pawan Khajuria and Harinder Gupta and Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi.

Sat Sharma said that in Jammu & Kashmir also, the opposition parties are left with just one agenda of criticizing the people friendly coalition government of BJP for their survival. These parties have now started using the issue of demonetization in the state as a tool to paint BJP ministers as corrupt. It is highly condemnable and the BJP dismisses the allegations and terms the propaganda as a campaign to malign the image of the party. The BJP was, it is and shall stand firm, on its commitment of ending corruption and act against those who promote corruption.

Sat Sharma said that baseless allegations have been labeled against BJP Ministers in the coalition government of their involvement in corruption. Such allegations are nothing but a part of a deep conspiracy to lower down the growing popularity of the BJP and its ministers. The party makes it loud and clear that there is no truth in it.

“The BJP had gone to the public to seek votes on the promise of providing good governance and ending the corruption and during the last over one and half year, work culture has been introduced and not a single case of corruption took place during this period”, Sharma said and added that it would have been better if the information related to the allegations was shared with the public. By not doing so, those involved in painting BJP ministers as corrupt have failed in their game plan as the people are well aware that it is only BJP which has always fought against corruption and corrupt elements.

The State President said that the BJP has never compromised on the issue of corruption and its past record is itself a witness that the party did not ever hesitate to take stern action if anyone from among its cadre was found to be involved in any such practice. He asked the opposition parties to prove what they have been charging, failing which it will be assumed that they were misleading the public to tarnish the image of BJP.