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Organized crime in different fields is a big challenge said BJP Senior leader & MLC Ramesh Arora (Adv.)

Organized crime in different fields is a big challenge and our administration, Police and other require to work with strong determination and will. Army and Paramilitary forces discharge their duties with dedication and devotation by sacrificing their lives to protect the border of the country, so that there can live with peace, love and affection in the Country, said BJP Senior leader & MLC Ramesh Arora (Adv.)

While addressing media persons at party headquarters, Ramesh Arora said that the needs of human being are increasing day by day in the materialistic age and to fill up needs and growing lust, organized crime is increasing in different format. It may be in the shape of corruption, land grabbing, Drug abuse and some time lured towards militancy. We need to put a check and control over it. It can be controlled by the sincere and concrete efforts of Government with the active cooperation of public in general.

Arora further stated that in our state, we have traced a new type of organized crime where some persons give assurance to the persons serving in different wings of forces coming from different parts of the country and other public by cheating them on the assurance of getting armed license for them and sometime on the pretext that they will procure weapon from different dealers.

This matter is of serious concern taken up with Deputy Commissioner and Director General of Police by Ramesh Arora and asked them to take strong action against the persons involved in organized Crime of extracting money on the name of selling of arms and procuring armed Licenses for them.

There is a well nit group of persons, who are acting self-style arm License agents and it may be possible that some authorized seller dealers of arms may be involved in this nexus, require strong action them. Arora further said that even my Phone number/ Cell number is given to few and some calls are coming from time to time, asking reason for delay or asking about the status of gun license or weapon. This has brought to my mind that some criminals are misusing my contact number.

Arora asked the Director General of Police by sending few numbers from where phone calls were received that such element who have distributed his number should be taken to task. We cannot allow (Loot) by any one. We cannot allow innocent persons is forced to give their hard earn money to so called License Provider and arms seller in state. As License is valid throughout India.

Arora appealed to the general public especially persons serving in different forces coming from outside state that they should not get attracted by so-called arm sellers. We should require to approach directly to Dy. Commissioner to get armed License or get weapon form authorized shop or can approach Home Department as per requirement. Because no one in public or person otherwise has authority to issue license. And ask the Police and administration to track out all and make end to this type of organized Crime of money extraction from the soldiers or persons belongs to paramilitary forces and others.