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Overall welfare of nomads Govt’s priority : Vibodh.

Says mafia of favoritism in nomadic school recruitment will be checked soon.

Terming overall welfare and development of nomadic people, who migrate to higher reaches in the season of summer, as the priority of state and central government,
Senior Bharatiya Janta Party leader and Member of Legislative Council, Adv Vibodh Gupta today said that there is a mafia running in Rajouri district which creeps favoritism in the recruitment process in nomadic schools and vowed to keep a check on this soon.

He was addressing a series of deputations of nomadic people which met him in Rajouri.

The members of these deputations who are nomadic, including Gujjar, Bakerwals and Paharis, raised the issue of recruitment process in Nomadic schools and alleged large scale favouritism in it.

” Some influential families dominate the process and their candidates are selected time and again ” they said demanding check over this practice and to ensure that seasonal recruitment in nomadic schools is carried out on fair and transparent manner.

In his statement while interacting with the members of the deputations, MLC Vibodh Gupta said that there is a deep rooted mafia running in education department in Rajouri district which is the root cause of favouritism in recruitment process in nomadic schools.

” I assure that very soon, this mafia will be unearthed and will be taken to task under law ” Vibodh said assuring the participants to lead the battle in this very regard.

MLC also said that both state as well as central government are working in a multi dimensional manner for overall development and welfare of nomadic populations including Gujjar, Bakerwals and Paharis.

” A number of steps have been taken by governments in recent times keeping in view the nomadic population” he said disclosing that he himself is too concern for welfare of nomadic population.