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BJP welcomes approval of 7th CPC allowances by Modi Government

Bharatiya Janata Party, Jammu & Kashmir has welcomed the decision of the Union Cabinet to approve the recommendations of 7th CPC on allowances with some modifications. Terming the decision as employee friendly, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party hailed the decision of the Modi Government to accept the modifications suggested by the empowered Committee of Secretaries based on the recommendations of the Committee on Allowances which was setup in pursuance of a Cabinet decision in June 2016. The revised rates of allowances shall come into effect from 01 July 2017 and benefit more than 48 lakh central government employees. Brig Gupta also hailed the decision of the government to not to abolish 12 0f the 53 allowances recommended to be abolished by 7th CPC and also to retain 3 of the 37 allowances recommended to be subsumed as independent entities as hitherto fore. This decision of the government will benefit large number of employees including members of the Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF).

Referring to enhancement in specific allowances, Brig Gupta appreciated the decision of the government to fix the minimum amount of HRA at Rs. 5400, 3600 and 1800 for X, Y and Z categories of cities as this would benefit the lower rung employees falling in lower pay brackets. Also the decision to enhance the HRA when DA crosses 25 and 50% instead of 50 and 100% recommended by the Pay Commission will benefit all employees to fight the inflation. The decision of the government to administer risk and hardship allowances as per a Risk and Hardship Matrix will bring in transparency and uniformity as far as grant of these allowances is concerned said Brig Gupta.

The Siachen Allowance has been more than doubled which will go a long way in enhancing the morale of the soldiers deployed in the highest battlefield in the world. The other forces friendly decisions include continuation of Ration Money Allowance to defence officers in peace stations, continuation of Technical Allowance, substantial increase in High Altitude and Field Area and Counter Insurgency Allowances for junior ranks of defence forces and CAPF personnel, grant of additional warrant to CAPF personnel as being given to defence personnel, grant of flying allowance to BSF Air Wing, greatly enhanced Territorial Army Allowance, doubling of ceilings of Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Defence Personnel, listed Brig Gupta.

The government has also modified certain important allowances paid to Railways employees, Nursing and Ministerial staff of Hospitals, employees of Space and Atomic Energy departments, Antarctica Allowance, Coast Guard personnel and employees of Department of Post. Brig Gupta also appreciated the fiscal prudence of the government wherein by accepting the modifications it has addressed the genuine concerns of the employees but at the same time also succeeded in bringing down the number of allowances from 197 to 128.

Reacting to a few voices who have criticized the government for paying the allowances wef 01 July 2017 instead of 01 January 2016, Brig Gupta clarified that in the past also the dates of implementation of pay commission and grant of allowances have not been same. As in the case of 6th Pay commission implemented during UPA II regime, the dates were 01 January 2006 and 01 September 2007 respectively mentioned Brig Gupta.