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Pathania takes up the cause of Blanket-Weavers, Stone-Sculptors and Comb-makers on the floor of the Assembly

Steps being taken to delink electric supply of Battal Ballian from Ramnagar line

Setting up a benchmark on taking up the causes of the ‘Aam Admi’ to the powers-that-be, Ranbir Singh Pathania BJP legislator from Ramnagar today asked the government to spell out steps being taken up to boost and tap the blanket weaving, comb making and stone sculpture activities in the Dudu-Basantgarh area of his constituency.
In a written reply to this Govt. however could not spell out any specific scheme for boosting up these trades except that five units have been provided assistance by Khadi and Village Industries Board under PMEGP.
Further reply from the govt. revealed the official apathy towards this sector as none of the weavers of Ramnagar Constituency have been provided modern looms and state of the art training, which can go a long way in providing employment and improving the economic lot.
In a further reply regarding action plan to set up Industrial Estates at District, Sub-Division and Tehsil level it states that Govt. envisions to create a land bank of 20000 kanals for creation of industrial estates across state and Dy. Commissioner Udhampur has earmarked the state land for this purpose.
Pathania further asked the government to share achievements under PMEGP from 2008-09 to 2015-16 in respect of the state and with particular reference to Udhampur District and Ramnagar constituency. The reply from the govt. further strengthen the notion of poor implementation and discrimination such that out of 12338 units sanctioned across state 335 units have been set up in Udhampur District and only 55 have been set up in Ramnagar Constituency. The total subsidy to the tune of Rs.180.92 crores has been released in favour of these units out of which Ramnagar constituency has received meagre Rs. 1.29 crores.
Pathania further questioned the govt. on the steps being taken to delink the electricity of Battal ballian Industrial estate from the Ramnagar and providing it a different line so that power scenario in Ramnagar can be improved. On this govt. reply revealed that work on augmentation of Battal ballian, Udhampur receiving station has been completed and a detailed DPR estimated at cost of Rs.2.39 crores have been sent to planning department for release of funds for delinking the Battal Ballian industrial estate supply.