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Dr. Magotra chaired meeting of State incharges of different committee of BJYM

BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra chaired a meeting of state incharges of different committee members of BJYM at Party headquarters Trikuta Nagar Jammu. The meeting was arranged to  make the strategy to boost the activities of Yuva Morcha which will benefit the Youth across the state.

Addressing the meeting Dr. Magotra said that our party from the national level have made different committee Incharges, so that we can do parallel task for more than one department, for the same we have announced state incharges who will see the working of these committees across the state. These committees were framed with a strategy so that the dream of New India seen by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi can become the reality for 125 crore people of this nation. He said that all the State incharges should do hard work so that they can do justice with the new responsibility given to them by the organization. Dr. Magotra further said that on this  centenary year of Pt. Deendayal updhyaya which our party is celebrating, our party have decided to promote the rural games of our country like Kabaddi, wrestling and Kho-Kho, BJYM sports committee will organize the state level sports events from these three rural games of our country. All the activities organized from Sports, Cultural, Swaach Bharat and Study circle committees will benefit directly the Youth of this country which will save them from the  pry of bad social evils like chemical drugs etc and they all will contribute for the making of New India. Dr. Magotra had one-to-one  detailed discussion with each and every State incharge of his concerned department and made a strategy to executive the work in their area of concern.

Those who attended the meeting were Vikas Choudhary (Sports Committee Incharge), Munish Khajuria (Cultural Committee Incharge), Adv Anu Behnal Ghai (Social Media Incharge), Rohit Verma (Social Media Incharge), Sourab Jain(IT Incharge), Hari Om Sharma (Media Incharge), Sunny Sangotra (Swaach Bharat Incharge), Manik Wazir (Study Circle Incharge) and Er. Lalit Raina College Outreach Committee Incharge).