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People Should Feel Free to Share Their Issues & Concerns With Legislators: Vibodh

Various Deputations Raise Their Concerns Related to Adhar Cards
Today BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta held a public darbar at Rajouri and various deputations from the far off villages of Rajouri called on him. These deputations raised their issues and concerns with the MLC and briefed him that as a result of non issuance of Adhar Cards the common man is suffering a lot. Some delegations raised the issue related to non inclusion of genuine poor families in the BPL list. Some delegations from the border villages also shared their various problems being faced by them due to their close proximity with the borders of a hostile nation. These delegations also informed that various sections of society have very high expectations from the present Centre and State Governments and Government functionaries must make all efforts to ensure that their problems are solved on priority. While interacting with these delegations MLC Vibodh informed that present Government at the state as well as at the center is leaving no stone unturned so that common man can take a sigh of relief. He further added that various new programmes and schemes of the Government have been designed while keeping an eye on the last man in the que. In order to ensure that everyone is benefitted from these welfare schemes and measures of the Government, Vibodh called upon the civil society to be proactive and be part of each and every developmental initiative of the Government. He also briefed these delegations about various new schemes of the Government which can help in addressing the concerns which were raised by them.
Latter he assured all the delegations that based on various discussions and inputs received by him, he will take these up with the concerned senior Government functionaries. He also thanked these delegations for various inputs which were very valuable in designing future developmental initiatives in various remote areas of Rajouri. He said that such interactions between the people and legislators are always very useful. He called upon every one not to shy from meeting their own legislators but instead should meet them regularly. Through such interactions many problems can be resolved as in many cases communication gap between the people and the legislators becomes a hurdle fast development initiatives. Prominent delegations which met MLC today included delegations from Thana Mandi, Kotli Kalaban, Sada, Mera, Dani Dhar, Kha Jamola, Dangri, Chingus, Narian, Sangpur, Doongi, Dasal and Fatehpur.