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BJYM State Chief met Director General of Police

Today BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra had a meeting with Director General Of Police, S P Vaid. The meeting was scheduled in context of recent unfortunate fatal incidents of Chemical Drugs in our State. Dr. Magotra briefed Vaid about the involvement of our Young generation in this new culture of Chemical drugs. He further said that operation Sanjeevani which was successfully carried by the Police department to grab the drugs peddlers was a appreciable step and these types of operations and activities should be done on regular basis to make an anti-environment about this fatal culture.
Dr. Magotra briefed DGP that chemical drugs are threating the lives of thousands of Youth across the State. He further said the much of what kids hear on the streets about drugs comes from those selling them. The Foundation for a Drug-Free environment should be made in the society in which Police administration can play an important role. Dr. Magotra further added that problem of drug addiction is all the more serious because the addicts are mostly young school or college going boys and girls, the future citizens of our country, on whom will depend in future its welfare and the welfare of its people. So, it is imperative to see that such young boys and girls may be no means fall victims to drug addiction.He further said that there is need to grab those agencies who are spreading this danger culture among the Youth of our State.Dr. Magotra further said that some extra efforts should be made to nab all those culprits who are doing business on the lives of thousand of youth of our State. Dr. Magotra further added that there is also a big conspiracy from our neighbour counties to involve our Youth in drug culture so that they can destroy the future our Young treasure, and involve them in antinational and antisocial activities to disturb the environment of our State.

Both discussed some different issues related to the Youth.Vaid patiently heared and assured Dr. Magotra that Police administration will take this matter seriously as this is directly linked to the Youth of our State and will help in any way to save our Youth from Chemical Drug Culture.