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People should neutralize the dictates of separatists: Aseem

BJP State Secretary, Aseem Gupta, while commenting on the recent report that the Tourism Sector in Kashmir has suffered a loss of around rupees 3,000 crore due to the ongoing unrest in the valley as there has been sharp decline in the visits of tourists, expressed serious concern over it and appealed the people of Kashmir to get united against those elements, the separatists, who are responsible for creating such situation and defeat their nefarious designs by extending support to the government in restoring peace and normalcy so that life comes on rails at the earliest.

In a handout, Aseem Gupta said the economy of Kashmir is almost dependent on tourism and the livelihood of the maximum population of Valley is linked with the Tourism Sector in one way or the other, except a very small per cent among them of government employees, but unfortunately a handful of anti-Kashmir & pro-Pakistan elements, time and again, try to create disturbances for their personal survival while pushing the majority of the people towards poverty and starvation. Whatever these elements have been doing in the Valley on the dictates of their masters sitting across the border, is not for the welfare of the people of the Kashmir and they need to be made ineffective.

Aseem Gupta said that the separatists have pushed the poor and daily earning people towards starvation in the Valley but why should they care as their one point agenda is to ensure that peace remains disturbed and normal life distressed. “It is the high time that people in Kashmir in particular, understand the game plan of the separatists and take a pledge to neutralize their dictates as it is must for creating such a situation when no one fears of coming to valley from outside nor the local people are afraid of earning their daily bread through their routine means of livelihood.

“Number of these separatists is merely a dozen or two but the people who have been suffering due to their dictates and acts run into lakhs and hence a ‘CLEAR NO’ to their frequent calls of shut downs and observing bandhs can prove to be the most effective way to defeat them”, he said and added that it is the need of the hour now as the people in valley have been suffering for decades and cannot be made to suffer any more.