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Plebiscite or secession are impossible: Prof Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta, in a statement said that people of Kashmir Valley, who are pursuing the agenda of Pakistan and launching the movement of separation from India and supporting the terrorist activities, should realize and acknowledge the reality of Accession of J&K State with India and the fact that Accession is irrevocable and J&K had become integral part of Indian Union and no part of the Union can be allowed to secede at any cost. He added that the Kashmiris should consider themselves as fortunate enough that they are placed in a country which is the biggest democracy of the world and owns the traditions of tolerance, secularism and believes in the co-existence of all religious faiths and customs.

He further said that had Dogra soldiers not resisted the Pakistani invaders in 1947 and delayed their march towards Valley, the people of Srinagar and other parts of Valley would have been subjected to same fate of loot and tyranny as was witnessed in Baramulla and had Valley become the part of Pakistan, they would have been treated as the people of POJK, including Gilgit and Baltistan and those of Balochistan, being treated and their voice would have been crushed by Pakistan army, which rules Pakistan directly or through proxy. The demography of Valley would have been changed and Kashmiri culture would have vanished.

He added that UNO resolution, as per the previous General Secretary of UNO and world leaders, has become irrelevant and if the people of Valley with vested interests, still want the plebiscite then they need to ask Pakistan to complete the pre-conditions laid down in the UNO resolution of vacating the whole part of J&K occupied by it, so that their demand of plebiscite can be implemented.   

He stated that they should feel obliged to Maharaja Gulab Singh who made Kashmir valley as part of his kingdom and thus did not allow it to  come under domination of British rule. He also said that Dogra rule relieved the Valley from the tyranny and oppression inflicted on them by Afghan and other rulers and gave it an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a welfare state that treated all its subject equitability and provided justice to everyone. He reminded the Kashmiri masses about the development works done during the Dogra Rulers, who opened schools, colleges, and hospitals, built roads and canals, both in Jammu region as well as in Valley. He narrated that on the representation  of Kashmiri Muslim leaders on Oct. 1924 that Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir was discriminated against the Kashmiri Muslims, denied them their privileges and their due share in state services suppress their peaceful demonstrations through militancy attacks, Govenor General of India appointed a three member committee and the committee in its report bailed out Maharaja and it observed that darbar had shown no prejudices against their Mohammadan subjects and there was no discrimination against them in the matter of state services.

Prof. Virender Gupta appealed to the Valley people, particularly the Kashmiri leaders to shed their prejudices against India and its leaders, feel honoured as being the part of India and added that their progress, prosperity and safety of their identity is only ensured in Indian Nation.