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PM empowering common man, poor, farmers: Sat  

With the announcement of a number of concessions for the rural and urban poor, middle class, women and senior citizens of the country and taking firm stand on corruption, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again sent a clear message that honest will be rewarded while the dishonest will not be tolerated. His government is going to empower common man, poor, farmers and punish the black sheep.

It was stated by BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, while terming the address of Prime Minister on the eve of new year as his commitment to the countrymen that the menace of corruption, black money and fake currency will be totally wiped out from India and its law abiding citizens will enjoy the fruits of good governance.

Sat Sharma said that the historical decisions being taken by the Prime Minister are getting very well settling with the common masses of the country, especially the poor and downtrodden, who have been on the back burner since independence under the bureaucratic and autocratic rule of the Congress.

The demonetization has provided relief to the people of the country who have taken the sigh of relief as the black and fake money, which had become the forte of terrorism and smuggling has broken its spine. He said that the collateral effect of historical decision of Prime Minister is being felt in the country to the few who had stashed black money and who are putting up frustrated faces at different forums.

Appreciating the hosts of concessions given to poor, farmers, middle class and senior citizens of the country, Sat Sharma said that by doing so, Prime Minister not only have gelled his popularity with citizens of India, but have sent a message globally across that India is standing united for a cause that will usher India into an era of peace, prosperity and equality.

PM’s announcement that in rural areas, the number of houses being built for poor will be increased by 33 per cent, in addition to another scheme being put in place for neo middle and middle class in rural areas where loans upto Rs 2 lakh for new housing or extension will receive an interest subvention of 3 per cent, is praiseworthy.

Besides farmers getting get 60 days waiver from payment of interest on crop loan taken for the winter rabi sowing and those who have already paid will get back the money in their accounts is another milestone, said Sat Sharma and added that the poor women too has been taken care by Modi government.