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PM sees ‘Ray of Hope’ in Kashmir, intends to win hearts: Yudhvir Sethi

“Youth want to do something for Kashmir, Peace”

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Vice President Yudhvir Sethi  said Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees a ‘Ray of Hope’ in Kashmir and intends to win hearts of people by giving them a transparent and an answerable government that is free from corruption, nepotism and favouritism. The previous government’s have done nothing for the people, exploited and used them as mere vote banks but this is something that central government doesn’t want to repeat.

Speaking to youth of different booths at Panzala Rafiabad and at Gurdwara Tapiana Sahib during meetings organised by Arif Raja, incharge Vistarak Yojana, North Kashmir and District President BJP Baramulla D K Nehru, Yudhvir Sethi said people in Kashmir have been betrayed by successive governments which is why they have lost faith in system of governance. BJP, however intends to win hearts of people, provide healing touch and make them part and parcel of development of their own ‘Paradise on Earth’.

Kashmir once was biggest tourist attraction, people from around the globe used to reach here throughout the year, economy was bustling, people were happy and free from stress and most importantly students community and youth had opportunities knocking their doors. Poor governance coupled with corruption and nepotism vitiated the entire atmosphere, made people suffer and brought in miseries for people where women, children and young people all suffered.

“I see a change in youth who want jobs, better avenues, have entrepreneurship qualities, are educated and want to do something for their Kashmir and its people. That’s possible when peace dawns here. The state as well as central government are going whatever possible and also releasing finds liberally. Several important educational education institutions have been sanctioned for J&K State and special focus is being laid on development of infrastructure”, Yudhvir Sethi said adding that youth must come forward and be part of this mega programme.

Party chief Amit Shah, he added has Launched this Vistarak Yojana only to make people aware of BJP’s programmes and policies and also reach out to masses in every nok and corner of the state. Mega developmental plans undertaken all over the country and especially J&K State have given enough reasons to Vistaraks to go amongst people at grass root levels and place before them schemes aimed at bringing in a sea change in their lives.

He asked youth to not to get misled and after treating past as a ‘Dark Era’ strengthen hands of party chief Amit Shah who wants each and every individual to contribute and be part of nation building process. Kashmir is having a special place in his heart and he also intends to make people believe that he walks the talk and dreams of seeing a prosperous and developed Jammu and Kashmir in next three years.