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Politicizing Amnesty Scheme by opposition unfortunate: BJP

The recent decision of the Jammu and Kashmir coalition government in favour of the traders, industrialists, transporters should neither be politicized for the sake of mere opposition nor it should be used as a tool to mislead and provoke the business community. The State unit of BJP terms such attempts by some parties in Jammu and Kashmir as most unfortunate and is confident that the Scheme will prove to be beneficial not for few, as alleged by opposition, but cover and benefit all those who are in the fields of  trade, industry and transport.

 Putting forth party’s view point on the decision of the state’s coalition related to Amnesty Scheme, BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, said that the step is in the interest of the traders, businessmen and industrialists, which will bring transparency in future. There is no need to panic as the motive to bring such scheme is to rejuvenate the trade and industry in the state.

Balbir Ram Rattan said the provisions of this newly announced scheme offers 100 per cent remission of the penalty and interest on arrears of the tax in respects of all the dealers of the state. For the transporters also, it offers 100 per cent remission of penalty. It will, thus, streamline the system and make all the transactions in business more transparent. He said that the scheme also reflects the concern and seriousness on part of the coalition government to revive the industry and transport keeping in mind the losses being suffered not during the current mayhem in Kashmir but in the past as well.