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Deputations led by Jugal Kishore meets DyCM


Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP Lok Sabha today led deputations of West Pakistan Refugees,POJK and residents of Kishenpur Manwal to meet with DyCM to re-address the demands of the residents and the people of said area.
Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament Lok Sabha met with the DyCM narrated the problems being faced by the West Pakistan Refugees regarding their certificates and other problems like relief and their reagistration. President West Pakistan Refugees Labha Ram Gandhi along with his team also accompanied with Member of Parliament to narrate their problems.
Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament also led the residents of village Kishenpur Manwal to re-address their demand of alignment of High Tension lines crossing over the villages Manwal,Kathar in order to electrify the railway station of Manwal. The process of installation of High Tension lines over the different villages resulting to pass over the houses of the villagers to be aligned properly, which is their genuine demand and re-addressed on spot.
Member of parliament also led the deputation of POJK to re -address their demand of relief brought into package.
Nirmal Singh Deputy Chief Minister J&K State assured Member of Parliament and deputations that their demands area genuine and he will take his keen interest to fulfill them as soon and would try his level best thet they should not have to face these problems any more.
Kamal Choudhary,Madan Choudhary,Sukhdev Singh,Makhan Singh,Parkash Singh and various sarpanches and panches present in the deputation.