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Previous govts responsible for present state of affairs: Harinder

Holding the policies and mis-governance of previous governments of NC, Congress and Panthers Party responsible for the present poor state of affairs and plight of the people in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP has said that the present coalition is putting in every effort to undo the resultant damage caused to the economy and polity of the state. Charging the present coalition government for what is essentially the legacy of the past governments, including that of the Panthers Party, is an exercise aimed at misleading the people.
BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, while rebuffing the false allegations leveled against BJP-PDP coalition by Panthers leader Harsh Dev Singh, who is making attempts to mislead the public just for political survival, said that the present government in the state is more concerned and committed for the mitigation of the sufferings of the people.
Harinder Gupta said that it seems funny and amazing that a leader, who remained MLA continuously for 18 years and even held the position of a Cabinet Minister, could no longer command the trust of the people of Ramnagar because of having got thoroughly discredited as he had done nothing for the said constituency and was rightly shown the door by the electorate. Now after one year, he has discovered the pathetic condition of the roads of which he had not seen for 18 long years till recently. Leaders like Harsh Dev Singh have been relegated to non-entities who are not reconciled to their present status. He reminded the leaders of opposition parties that the problems which are being faced by the people are not born overnight. The previous governments had promised to ensure regular supply of electricity to every metered household, but why it did not happen need to be explained by them. Not only this, isn’t it true that since long back people were seen on roads breaking earthern pots against non-supply of water. Promises were always made by those governments to be only broken and BJP was not in government then. These were the governments run by parties like NC, Congress and Panthers as partner.
“BJP coalition has been in power for just one year and it is working honestly to bring the system on rails but the wrong doings of decades and mindset of the authorities cannot be changed in a short period of one year”, Harinder said and added that the PDD and PHE have been pulled by the BJP Ministers to ensure that the old practice of delaying the completion of projects is done away with and every effort made to make available basic amenities to the people. The roads being now made and macadamized in accordance with the highest standards and the previous practice of shoddy and substandard road laying practice has been stopped. The BJP wants to create public assets which will last long and provide succor to the people. He advised the Panthers leader of yesterdays to stop these lamentations born out of frustration on account of being out of power.