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Prof Virender advises Cong to play positive, constructive role

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta said that the national political parties including the J&K State parties like NC, Congress and NPP have defeatist psyche and BJP phobia and as such these are always adopting negative and critical attitude towards BJP performance at National and State level. He said that Congress party which could not save the status. Leader of Opposition party to its leader in Lok Sabha because of its anti-people, anti-former, anti-poor and communal politics and its failure in all fronts, external and internal, and it charges Modi government performance as flop show, but not recognizing the fact that people of India are whole heartily supporting the programmes and policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who under his dynamic leadership initiated number of schemes –programmes those are beneficial to all sections of the society and ensuring the speedy and overall development of the country as a whole and make it one of the advanced and powerful country of the world.

The Spokesperson was offensive on the statement in the press conference held by AIICC Spokesperson and member of Lok Sabha, Ranjit Ranjan. He said greater the criticism the opponents make against the performance of Modi government more response and public support the Modi government achieves. Opposition unitedly put great obstacles and made peak criticism of the government on demonetization, but they did not cut much ice, instead the public made the BJP victorious in UP, Uttrakhand, Goa and Manipur in the last assembly elections held in these provinces. He said that demonetization helped in disclosure and putting check on black money, it increased the tax payers many fold, decreased corruption and would help in strengthening the economy of the country. He criticized Congress party for not standing with the government and army jawans who are fighting against terrorism and the proxy war being enforced by Pakistan to detach Jammu & Kashmir from India.

Prof. Virender questioned the Kashmir policy of Congress party which is the root cause of the present turmoil in the valley. He said that unrest started in 1990 when Congress party was co-partner in the state government alongwith NC has continued till date; it showed it head in 2008, 2010 (both time Congress was sharing power) and now in 2016. He reminded Congress party of its slogan of Eradicating Poverty (Gareebi Hatao) given under the leadership of Indira Gandhi but how much poverty was removed in the last 47 years when most of the time Congress party was either at the helm of affairs or it supported the government both at the Centre and the state.

Prof. Virender criticized Congress party for its participation in the meeting in the Valley with separatist leaders wherein army major who saved the lives of the people and of those performing election duty by his genius and on spot action. He asked the Congress Party to differentiate the situation that prevailed in 1990 and 2010 and what is prevailing now and appealed to it play a constructive and positive role in meeting the challenges posed by the India’s enemies.