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Prof. Virender condemns slanderous campaign against BJP

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta criticized those who are exploiting the issue of declaration of holiday on 23rd September to commemorate the memory of Maharaja Hari Singh for their political gains. He was specially critical of leaders of those parties who were party in humiliating Maharaja and created circumstances for his permanent exile from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A leader of National Conference who prominently echoed his voice, in favour of the issue, neither in the state assembly or in his party forum must be having the knowledge of Quit Kashmir Movement launched against Maharaja by his party, set out the condition on the accession of J&K state with India, even though Maharaja signed the instrument of accession without any pre-condition and hobnobbed with the then Prime Minister of India Union to oust Maharaja from the state. The Spokesperson further said that this leader of National Conference who claims himself as a Jammuite never raised the voice for declaration of holiday in memory of Maharaja in the past years, particular when NC was holding power in the state.

Prof. Virender also questioned the leaders of the Congress party that why did they not raised any voice or made any attempt in the past to commemorate the Great Maharaja and what prompted them to raise the issue so vigorously, though BJP welcomes their awakening this time and hopes that they would continue their this struggle in future also in spite of bearing opposition from Congress Centre leadership. He reminded the State Congress party leaders of the fact that it were the leaders of this party who downgraded Maharaja, joined Sheikh Abdullah in his crusade against Maharaja and became instrumental in his exile from the state.

The Spokesperson said that Praja Parishad and Jana Sangh always stood with Maharaja and tried to save his prestige at the time when NC and Congress parties were vehemently opposing his stay in the state which he ruled for about 25 years. Bharatiya Janata Party has always remained in forefront in recognizing the services of Maharaja for his state and campaigning for giving honour and dignity to this man of high stature. He said that the party has always been demanding for declaring public holiday on his birthday.

Prof. Virender reminded all those people who tried to blemish BJP on the issue of declaration of public holiday on Maharaja’s birthday that it was during the period when the Mayor’s position of Jammu Corporation was occupied by BJP’s leader that two statue of Maharaja Hari Singh were installed in front of old tawi bridge and the location behind Jammu University and road leading to Bahu Fort. BJP has been and shall continue its struggle for declaration of holiday on Maharaja’s birthday, whether it is in power or out of power.