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Protecting public support is important for BJP: Sethi

BJP State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi, while addressing a press conference at party headquarters on Friday, alongwith State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, said that the BJP is taking all steps which are in the interest of people in the direction of government formation and in the process there will be no compromise on principles, which are fundamental to the party.
Sunil Sethi said that for BJP it is more important to protect its public support and constituency than having power. The power for BJP is only a medium for working to redress the problems of the people of the state, remove regional discrimination and bias. He said that the BJP had been working for the people when it was in opposition right from the day it came into existence and has performed well for the people of all the three regions of the state during its alliance with PDP.
Sunil Sethi further noted that the tirade launched by political parties against alliance partners is politically motivated for petty political gains and for getting cheap publicity. These political parties, especially the regional parties, which have become non entities after rejection by mandate of people are desperately trying to divert attention of people for their overall failure.
He further said that efforts to form government are continuing but that can’t be at the expanse or cost of people of Jammu, who have overwhelming voted and supported BJP. He said BJP will be working for people in whatever role it will get to do its duty towards people and to justify the confidence the people has reposed on it.