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Rahul Gandhi  a ray of hope for ‘dalals’: Bijral

 ‘Dalals’ (the middlemen)! since buried and forgotten after takeover of country command by PM Narinder Modi, rejoice. Rahul Gandhi a ray of hope is there for you. What can one otherwise say when ‘dalals’, a foregone story, are being remembered by scion of Congress party.

Rahul Gandhi, scion of Congress party that thrived for six decades on middlemen (dalals) rung, alleging BJP in power was politicising surgical strikes as ‘khoon ki dalai’, serves only to assure a lease of life to ‘dalals’ his party nurtured as state policy for nourishment of both. S.S.Bijral former IGP and spokesperson of J&K BJP said Congress party led UPA allowed two terms from 2004 to 2014 to rule by electorate indulged in mass corruption, caring a hoot for country image (Common wealth Games scam), national security (Helicopter  scam), 2G spectrum scam, Coal Mines scam, etc pocketing huge funds clandestinely breached the trust of voters. The result was it had to lick dust and shown the door with sweeping mandate for PM Narinder Modi led BJP.

Bijral said the barb ‘khoon ki dalai’ of Rahul Gandhii was just to hog lime light which turned him, the poor politically, poorer. Rahul acknowledged A.K.Anthony as his ‘guru’ who as Defence Minister in UPA was startled seeing China’s development on Arunachal border and had exclaimed “Oh what a sophistication. We are zero”. Refraining to say anything himself Bijral quoted media reports : 1) Kerala Minister and AICC member T.H.Mustafa had called Rahul Gandhi a ‘joker’ in the wake of party humiliating defeat in 2014 Lok Sabha election. He  was suspended from party for six years; 2) Rahul Gandhi had told his party men  3 months before kerala Assembly elections that only the Congress can defeat itself in the state. Disastrous performance of party & UDF it headed proved him right.

 Bijral concluded the party and the govt. need to just ignore Rahul Gandhi barbs to deny him life he earns through our responses. Recalling what Winston Churchill then British PM and WWII hero had said, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks,” he declared the dire need was  to stay focused on tougher challenges staring country in eyes, ignoring likes of Rahul Gandhi & others striving just to survive.