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Rajeev Sharma hits out at govt. for discrimination against Jammu.

BJP MLA from Akhnoor hits out at government for ignoring Jammu region in allotment of Indra Awas Jogna (IAY)

Speaking in the Assembly during the discussion on the grants of Rural development department on Thursday.

 Sharma said in 2014 – 2015 under IAY 12078 houses were sanctioned in Kashmir, where as only 5167 houses were sanctioned in Jammu region and during 2015-2016

Under IAY 13121 houses were sanctioned in Kashmir where as 2576 houses were sanctioned in Jammu region. He further said even 2016-2017 under IAY 13235 houses were sanctioned in Kashmir and only 5607 were sanctioned for Jammu region.

 Rajeev said this is a clear case of disparity and selective discrimination against Jammu, and warned that it will create a sense of injustice among the people of Jammu region. He said the successive governments in past discriminated Jammu and during last Assembly elections people of Jammu region voted in block for BJP to end this selective discrimination and warned that BJP will never tolerate discrimination against Jammu.  He further said that we want equal justice with all the three regions of the state.

Rajeev Sharma was well supported by all the MLA’s of BJP.

Speaker Kavinder Gupta intervened in the rules and directed the Minister to take note the issue raised by the MLA Akhnoor and ensure the equal justice for all.