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Rajesh Gupta chaired a meeting at PWD Guest House Gandhi Nagar

MLA Rajesh Gupta chaired a meeting today at PWD Guest House Gandhi Nagar regarding the supply of power and water in the city.
The meeting was attended by Chief Engineer PHE Sushil Aaima and Chief Engineer PDD Ashwani Gupta.The other officials who attended the meeting included Sunil Gupta SE PHE,Ashok Gupta Xen PDD,Sudhir Gupta Xen PDD and V.K. Khajuria Xen PHE.
In the important meeting that was organized to address the power and water shortage in the Jammu city the leaders of all the traders and bazaar associations namely Pawan Gupta,Preetam Sharma,Rajesh Dewan,Rajesh Raina,Surinder Mahajan,Pardeep Sharma, Rajeev Gupta, Baldev Khullar,Rajinder Gupta, Arun Gupta,Atul Rajpaul,Arjun Gupta, Ashutosh Gupta,Madhu Khajuria,Harish Gupta, Krishan Kapoor, Om Prakash,R.K.Dhar and Varinder Gupta attended the meeting.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that the receiving stations and penal augmentation DPRs are prepared and the funds will be released accordingly,upgradation of transformers will be done from my CDF and HP and IT pole replacement work shall be done from the one crore fund allocated to us.
Rajesh Gupta said that dedicated feeders should be installed for un interrupted supply of water.
Instructions were issued to lay the Hari Market pipeline and make it functional within ten days. Instructions were also given to make tube wells functional at Hari Singh Park,Hari Market,Dhontly Filtration Plant and Tube well at company bagh up and running.
The prominent who participated in the function included Ramesh Sharma, Prof Shyam,Kuldeep,Ashwani,Girdhari Lal,Rajesh,Vageesh Bharti,Gopal,Amit,Chaman Lal,Vinay,Rajeev Bhardwaj and Rajinder Gupta.