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Rajesh Gupta inaugurated a new food point in Channi Himmat by the name of Bhai Jaan

A new food point was launched in Channi Himmat by the name of Bhai Jaan near the Jodha Mal Public School.
The food  joint was inaugurated by MLA Jammu east Rajesh Gupta in front of a small but impressive gathering. The proprietors of the newly launched restaurant Arjun Salotra and Rajni Salotra welcomed the MLA and other guests on the ocassion.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that Jammu has a tremendous spirit of entrepreneurship and with encouragement from the government more and more start ups would come up in Jammu.Such ventures not only generate business but also generate employment.
Rajesh Gupta said that there is a need to launch the start up India campaign in Jammu and we need to encourage our youth to take full advantage of such schemes.
The prominent who accompanied the MLA included Prof.Sham,Rajesh Gupta,Gopal,Rajinder Gupta and Rajesh Nischal.