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Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the D.C.Office rotary

Jammu East MLA Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the D.C.Office rotary. The newly remodeled rotary was thrown open in the presence of senior journalist Sohail Kazmi.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the BJP government has put the Jammu region on a fast track of development and the process is irreversible.
The newly remodeled rotary has cost rupees 8 lakhs and would benefit common people visiting DC office for various chores. Rajesh Gupta said that the recent launch of IIT in Jammu would have a huge impact on the educational sector in the region. IIT in the city of Jammu would serve as huge inspiration for our children who want to excel in life.
Equally great would be the impact of AIIMS in Jammu. A few years before it was unthinkable that such institution’s would ever be possible in Jammu. This is all because of the Modi Govt. in the centre and the state. After decades of neglect and apathy faced by the people of Jammu region the opportunity for growth and development has come and we must be ready to avail it.
The prominent who accompanied the MLA included senior BJP leaders Anil Sharma Tony , Ramesh Sharma, Prof Sham, Kuldeep, Ravi Singh,P.C.Gupta, Gopal,Ashwani,Vageesh Bharti,Chaman Lal,Raj Kumar,Ashok,Mohan Lal,Jia Lal,Vijay Mahajan,Ashok Maratha,Kartar,Tej Ram Chowdhry and Pardhuman Singh.
The officials who accompanied the MLA included Yasir Kitchloo AEE,Rakesh Khajuria JE,Jagdish Singh JE and Sanjay Ji Bhatt JE.