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Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest on the eve of Baisakhi festival pooja

On the eve of Baisakhi festival a programme was organised by Mahant peer ravi nath ji in which the chief guest is honourable MLA Sh. Rajesh Gupta . In this programme MLA Rajesh gupta & Mahant Ravi nath ji do the pooja & Aarti of river tawi and also a jhanda fixed at the bank of river tawi. Further a bhajan program also conducted by different artists and a langar programme also there which is opened by MLA Rajesh gupta. In this programme BJP v.president Yudhvir sethi & v.h.p. Sanghathan Mantri Sh. Prem Shankar ji, Naveen Sudan, Kartik Sudan, Mahant saraswatin and also accompanied by Sanjeev Gupta (Bobby).
On this occasion MLA Rajesh Gupta said that I wish all the jammuities a very Happy Baisakhi and he said Mahant ravi nath ji blessings always with me and I am always their to serve the society. Further he thanks honourable DY. C.M Dr. .Nirmal Singh ji for diverting the water of river tawi with in a few hours he said our Dy. Cm is the man of action & development. He also gave special thanks to Dy. CM for their support & corporation. He also thanks JMC commissioner for taking the action with in a short span of time.
On this occassion mahant Ravi nath said that our MLA always their to serve the society and at peer kho his contribution is super & remarkable.
Prominents who accompanied the MLA included Prof sham, Shashi khajuria, Anil sharma, Kuldeep kandhari, Ramesh sharma, Gokul koul, Ravi singh, Subash sanghrq, Shashi sapolia, Anil masoom, Rajkumar, Rajesh nischal, Rajinder gupta, Chandan gupta, Sunny sehgal and Saroj.