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Ramesh Arora appreciated the concern shown by Chief Minister

Ramesh arora MLC and senior leader of BJP appreciated the concern shown by Chief Minister Madam Mehbooba Mufti over involvement and aid in ongoing militancy in Kashmir by China. Mr. Arora said that last year during session at Srinagar he have moved a resolution where by the involvement of china in POK area including Gilgit and Baltistan was condemned. But resolution could not be taken up for discussion, even it was selected by draw of lot and it was listed in the business list of the house. Mr. Arora further said that the government was avoiding discussion and in support of his claim he has produced book having titled “Kashmir ek anth hein jung” lished by Diamond house at New Delhi. It was referred that book contains material which reflects that china is increasing it activities in POK and is also stealing uranium deposit to use for atomic bomb.

Ramesh Arora welcomed the statement of Chief Minister and said that matter should be taken seriously by the Centre government. As china is interfering into our democratic set up. Mr. Arora further said people of Kashmir must understand that violence is taking them towards a point of no return and external powers are interfering. They should stop violence because ultimately violence has not paid to any institution or public. People must realize that it is the china which crushed more than 3000 students with tanks demanding democracy.

We find state Government as well as Indian Government has given great liberty to a common man hence all should shun the violence and join mainstream, because there is no match to democratic system and India is the biggest democracy in the world. Mr. Arora said that Chief Minister Madam Mehbooba Mufti is deeply concerned and has rightly said that china is interfering and aiding militancy in Kashmir. The matter should be taken seriously and now it is time when the activities of china cannot grow unchecked and proper rebuttal is required.