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Ramesh Arora met with Bhandhari

MLC Ramesh Arora met with Commissioner Secretary Health Bhandhari and also visited SMGS Hospital Shalamar and Director Health services and discussed various issues regarding health care. Arora suggested that standing instructions be incorporated in SOP regarding working of doctors and he said that a senior doctor should attend the patient in case of emergency irrespective of his unit and line; in the event of request made by any staff member of the hospital and this request should be incorporated on the file and doctor is bound to see the patients and give advice in writing on the file when there is cardiac arrest or any other severe disease. He has also to discuss the same issue with all concerned.
Arora further said that Supreme Court has issued necessary order in a judgement that in case of any accident on road or in case of emergency doctor should not avoid to attend the effected person inside and outside the hospital.
Mr Arora suggested Director Health that computerised centres with modern facility of communication be developed so that people can call toll free number 102 or other numbers and ambulance should reach to the affected because more than five hundred ambulances are moving in the Jammu region but people are not getting maximum because of non use of modern technology. It should be OLA CAB like service without any charges .
Arora expressed serious concern over delay in installation of Platelet machine and agitator in SMGS Hospital .He further said that the concerned doctor has placed demand of old machine in which platelet count comes to maximum ten thousand instead of demanding machine of new technology in which platelet count comes to ranging from 80000 to 100000. Superintendent Dr. Dara Singh assured that matter will be taken up with the concerned and they are ready to provide better machine if demand is made and assured further that he will personally look into it.
Arora took up the matter of undue interference of corporation in spending 25 percent amount for procurement of medicines or other material by the institutions and director Health services. He has asked B.B. VYAS Principal Sec to Chief Minister to issue necessary instructions after discussing the matter with the finance department under his control.