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Ramesh Arora work got started for community Hall at Samah-Sungal

Work was got started for community Hall at Samah-Sungal (Samah) by Adv. Ramesh Arora MLC. Inauguration stone was laid down by Ramesh Arora MLC along with MLA Akhnoor Rajeev Sharma and on this occasion BDO Akhnoor, X-En Rural development and other officials were also present on spot. Arora said that Mahatma Gandhi was of the opinion that every village should be independent unit with all sources and resources, Arora said that development can stop the growing imbalance between cities and villages and can put a check on migration from villages towards cities. MLA Akhnoor Rajeev Sharma said we are running government by following the principal of Deen Dayal Upadahaya who was of the view that benefit of the government should reach to the last person.
Arora along with BDO Akhnoor and X-En Rural also visited two ponds constructed by new technology of Geo-membrane and Geo-textile with Gabien Technology. Arora and all concerned villagers appreciated the present technology because it is helpful to store maximum water without wastage and it also reduce day to day expenditure in maintaining the ponds.
Ramesh Arora also visited to see ongoing desilting work in Akhnoor- Jammu/ Ranbir Canal Jammu and found that large number of garbage is present inside the canal and proper desilting has not been done. He has taken up the matter with concerned Chief Engineer and directed him to visit spot personally and take stock of the situation on this international water day. Ramesh Arora said that we have to save every drop of water and have to pledge on this particular day.