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Report of Yashwant Sinha’s team is self contradictory: Prof. Virender Gupta

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta while making the observations on the report of Concerned Citizen Group (CCG) led by Yashwant Sinha on their visit to the State said that the report is self contradictory and that CCG is trying to become an instrument to project the views of some of the groups who are front runner in the movement of the so called Azadi, or Nizam-e-Mustafa and the political leaders and elite class of the Kashmiri society who directly or indirectly patronage the separatists for their own political interests of their survival. He observed that on one hand, it is reported that social leaders are willing to make an effort to end the violence and ensure a peaceful atmosphere so that dialogue could begin to address their issues in less emotionally charged manner, whereas on the other hand CCG reports “the situation (this time around) was much worse than the previous two visits”.
Prof. Virender while further commenting on the report said that it is bit natural that sense of dismay and despondency in the people of valley has grown where they observe that the movement of separatism which had been going on for the last more than one year seems to meet its end and during this period the tourism industry, business and economy has adversely suffered, the unemployment and economic distress have increased.
The Spokesperson further said that outside support for terrorism and separatist forces has been continuously diminishing and the promise made by these forces to the people of valley that they would be able to get “Azadi” seems to be unachievable. He added that youth, in particular who were instigated by the separatists and other Jehadi agencies sponsored by Pakistan are in particularly feeling ditched and this is why they are feeling confused and are dismayed. He also attributed this to the hard stand of government in dealing with terrorists and separatists along with their sympathisers forcing the people to step back from disillusioned state of affairs created due to ill propaganda led out by Pakistan backed agencies.
Prof. Virender agrees with the finding in the report that the “Judicial raking” of the Article 35A issue have pushed demand of “Azadi” to the back ground but does not consent with the observation that it has neither disappeared nor become secondary. He said that fact of the matter is that people, in particularly the misguided youth have started realizing its futility and started coming in the mainstream.