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Restore Bikram Chowk pristine glory install General’s statue

Bikram Chowk, Jammu landmark, without statue of great Indian army General Bikram Singh who earned a tearful cremation by Jammuites in thousands there is desolate upon its dislocation with coming up of fly over. The legendary ‘general’ had been symbol of emotional national integration. BJP State Spokesperson S.S. Bijral fervently appealed to Jammu district administration to restore Bikram Chowk prestine glory by befittingly installing General’s statue.

Recalling how a large traffic rotary with legendary Indian army ‘general’s statue in uniform with baton held, in the centre adored the area south of Tawi bridge, Bijral said the lifeless statue inspired the onlooker. Recounting, as a school going he as part of tearful Jammuites in thousands had attended his cremation held in the road crossing backed by state administration. The officer, then GOC 15 Corps along with Lt General Daulat Singh, Air Vice Marshal E.W. Pinto, Maj Genral K.N.D. Nanavati, Brig S.R. Oberoi anf Flt Lt. S.S.Sodhi had died in helicopter crash in Poonch.

Bijral, former IGP, elaborating General Bikram Singh’s popularity said he had out reached the masses beyond call of his professional responsibilities. By this, he strengthened the administration immensely for people welbeing. He said Kabir Ji’s famous verses: “Kabira! Jab tum paida huveiy, Jagg hassa tum royeiy. Aisi karni kar chalo tum hasso jagg royeiy” aptly applied to the icon ‘general’.

Dislocation of the rotary was inescapable for it fell in the alignment of Bikram Chowk fly over. Fly over stands already thrown open to public, inaugurated by CM Mehbooba Mufti on May 6, 2017. Bijral said that late General Bikram Singh’s tall statue should be befittingly installed around its original location to let it be motivating for emotional national integration to future generations. Every year Generals family visit the location, organise Akhand Paath (recitation of Holy Guru Granth sahib.