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Road accidents, Who will do if we don’t: S. S. Brijal

Media headlines ‘four Army soldiers killed, one injured in Ramban road mishap last week end remind one of expert comments ‘deaths in road accidents outnumber those by terrorists’ in Jammu Kashmir. S.S.Bijral former IGP calling for action observed road accidents take heavy toll leaving people accepting it as fait accompli, wondered: ‘who will do if we don’t’.

Till September this year, 692 human lives were lost in 4,146 road accidents across state; 143 were killed and 903 injured in Doda, Kishtwar alone in last 3 years. Bijral state BJP spokesperson said having heard victim’s cries let’s not ignore their lifelong sobs and provide a safe road connectivity.

Road connectivity ushers people in prosperity and to render them safe road engineering department and Motor Vehicle Act enforcers, are crucial two agencies. When developed countries minimise road accidents by corrective road engineering of accident spots, why can’t we, injecting expertise of Central Road Research Institute Okhla New Delhi. For combating over speeding contributing to road accidents, he said, instruments called ‘speed governors’ mandatorily should be installed in all commercial vehicles and stress to be on police effectiveness rather than numerical strength following Parkinson Law ‘Efficiency is inversely proportional to strength’. Traffic police, has to be deterrent and accountable to save people precious lives, the real Masters,

Going by adage ‘well begun is half done’ BJP spokesperson said discipline at bus adda – critically guarantees a safe journey ahead determining drivers mindset. When terminus like Doda bus adda headlined in English daily ‘Doda Bus Adda or Well of Death’is that what would the journey ahead be. Truck Adda Doda with foundation laid in 2011 yet to come up, idle parking of buses, trucks, kiosks, hotels allowed by municipality, pot holes all over, trucks loading unloading there explains with what mind set driver start his journey and to what outcome.