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‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas’ is Modi’s way to serve: Sat

Stating that the BJP is world’s largest political family with eleven crore members and having its own or governments in coalition in 16 states in the country, Party State President & MLA Sat Sharma said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s way to serve the people of the country is “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas”, which has made people of all castes, communities and religions realize that only BJP and its governments are committed for the welfare of all the sections of the society.
In a programme organized to welcome over 100 Muslims from Kalakote into the partyfold, Sat Sharma, alongwith Minister of Animal & Sheep Husbandry Abdul Gani Kohli, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul and State Secretary Sanjay Baru, that a wave of change is visible on ground and with each passing day more and more people are joining BJP and the Muslims in particular do not consider BJP as untouchable now.
Sat Sharma said that the people across the country had returned BJP candidates to Parliament with 2/3rd majority in last general elections as they wanted to bring in Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.
“Narendra Modi, during the last over two and half years, have launched dozens of welfare schemes for all the sections of the society without consideration on the basis of caste, religion, minority or majority, with focus on reaching the last man in the line and work for his social, economic upliftment”, Sat said and added that every scheme of Modi government is carved with a sole objective of welfare and development of the poor and needy. He said that the Muslims in the country are also convinced that Congress, BSP and SP only exploited them for vote bank politics but did nothing in practical for them.
Minister of Animal & Sheep Husbandry Abdul Gani Kohli, on this occasion, said that the Muslims feel pride to be born in India, where all the castes and religions live in tranquilly and work in unison to make India developed and strong. He said that with Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister, the days of discrimination with one section and preference to another section, are gone now. Narendra Modi works for 18 hours a day so that every needy in each section is taken care through various schemes. Modi wave has created an atmosphere where every Indian want to get associated with BJP and strengthen it and the Muslims are embracing BJP in large numbers in every state.
State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, said that a misinformation campaign has been launched by the opposition parties to malign the image of PM Narendra Modi and each one of us has to work in unison to defeat all such designs and reach the masses to educate them about the nation, people, and development centric programmes and policies.
The leaders expressed these views while addressing a massive gathering of Muslims from Kalakote assembly constituency at BJP office at Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.
Proceedings of the programme were conducted by State Secretary Sanjay Baru.