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Consumers should be awared about their rights: Dr.Gagan Bhagat

Dr. Gagan Bhagat M.L.A R.S Pura Inaugurated week long “Consumers Awareness Week” here at R.S Pura Constituency organized by the department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs. Large number of people from all the walks of life were present , besides Teachers and Students of at Government High School Kotli Shah Doula,R.S Pura.While speaking on the occasion Dr. Gagan Bhagat said that a consumer is the basic unit of the market and economy of the country, and if the consumer is not satisfied the market and economy will be directly affected, but the main reason for the said satisfaction is largely associated with the awareness to the consumer, and the Consumer awareness week is mainly organized at a tehsil level is to achieve that target, now it is the duty of a consumer too that how aware he or she is in the present situation. The companies and the business or corporate houses who are well versed with the weakness of lack of awareness take full advantage of that and they sell their products which are not up to mark of satisfaction particularly in that area where the consumers are not well versed with their rights and consumer laws of the government. The present government in which Bhartiya Janta Party has a very important role to play had always focused and stressed on the rights of the citizens of the country. Dr.Gagan Bhagat added that he will ensure that all the residents of R.S Pura Constituency in particularly are made aware of the Consumer laws and basic rights of a consumer so that a message goes that people here are well educated and up to date about their rights and here the market is quiet competitive. He maintained that such awareness programmes must be taken to Panchyat and ward levels to achieve the desired aim, and the slogan of corruption free India led by the Bhartiya Janta Party must be converted into reality with the active participation of BJP workers and the citizens of the country, as now an accountable government and elected representatives are there in the country and in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. He also appreciated the awareness play and songs organized by the students of the GMS Kotli Shah Doula. A.D of the F,C.S & C.A Nazir Choudhary said that the department is organizing the “Consumer Awareness Week” in the state to facilitate on-the-spot registration of consumer grievances and educate them on their rights. Market Association and corporate houses are slated to take part in the event being organized by the department. An official statement said that the objective is to bring consumers, companies, regulators and department of consumer affairs on one platform for consumer awareness and possible grievance redressal. National Consumer Helpline is available  to educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities, the procedure for seeking grievance redressal, assisting them in registering grievances and the like. ‘Nukkad nataks’ on consumer awareness and swachhta and poster making competition by school children will be also organised during the event. On the occasion AD F,CS, & CA Nazir Choudhary, T.S.O R.S Pura Ashwani Sharma, T.S.O Mirtan Sahib T.R Khajuria, Principal and Staff of GMS Kotli Shah Doula, BJP Mandal Pradhan of R.S Pura and Miran Sahib Natharam and Devender Sharma, Ashok Salaria, Mohan Singh, Ranveer Singh, Gurdeep Singh Saini, Abhishek Gupta and others were present .