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‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ is BJP’s ideal: BJP

The State BJP has strongly refuted the statement of Congress State President GM Mir, that “Sabka Ka Saath, Sabka Vikas” is merely a political slogan and has nothing in practical terms in the politics of Modi government. The statement of Mir amounts to deliberately turning blind eyes to the realities and is part of Congress’ negative political agenda and its frustration.

To put the record straight, BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan said that Narendra Modi led government, ever since it came to power in the Centre, has launched seventy welfare schemes till now which is record in itself. These schemes are targeted towards all the sections of the society, including youth, women, farmers, ex-servicemen, border residents, weaker sections etc, irrespective of their caste, colour or creed. The Congress leader must realize that the economic philosophy of the BJP is based on the principle of “Antodaya”, which aims at targeting the poorest of the poor, irrespective of the region or religion he or she may belong.

Balbir said taht infact, it has been the Congress, which misled and exploited the poor and weaker sections for decades to seek votes on hollow slogan of “Congress lao, Gareebi Hatao” whereas poor became poorer and problem of unemployment in youth became more acute during its rule.

How much poverty was elevated during the Congress rule can be well judged from the fact that poor people and farmers committed suicides due to crop failures and resultant hunger. Food grains would be allowed to rot in godowns but poor and needy did not have any right on them during the Congress rule.

On the other hand, Narendra Modi government has launched Mudra Bank, PM Fasal Bima Yojna, formulated for economic upliftment of poor & farmers. Similarly, Beti Bachoo Beti Padao has been launched to confer dignity on female child birth and spread literacy among them. Construction of toilets in girl schools and rural areas, Ujawala Yojna are the milestone initiatives aimed at social and economic care of woman folk revealing the Modi’s empathy and feeling for the female folk of the country. Digital India, Skill India are for the benefit of unemployed, unskilled youth, the spokesperson said.

Balbir further said that the demand of One Rank One Pension (OROP) which was kept on hanging for 40 years during the previous governments was fulfilled by Modi government. ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ may be a slogan for the Congress given its mind set of power being for enjoyment of perks and pelf but actually represents the ethos, ideal and dharma of the BJP. During Modi’s Prime Ministership the prestige and standing of the country has arisen phenomenally at International level. Not even a single scam or scandal has taken place during the two years rule of Narendra Modi government and contrary to it, two terms of UPA created history in scams and scandals. Corruption in corridors of power at Centre has been completely and firmly eliminated. This coupled with the schemes being launched and perused vigorously reveal the total commitment of BJP for the welfare of the country and its people and hence the slogan “Sabka Ka Saath, Sabka Vikas”.