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Sainik Colony in Valley: Omar’s dual face exposed says Brig Gupta

Omar Abdullah by raking up the issue of Sainik Colony in Valley has clearly demonstrated the level which he and his party can stoop down in order to please the separatists in the Valley. According to Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party, “It was during the tenure of Omar as Chief Minister that the proposal of a Sainik Colony in Valley was mooted by the Rajya Sainik Board. During the annual meetings of the board held at Raj Bhawan, Jammu in 2012 & 2013 and attended by Omar Abdullah as Chief Minister and ex-officio Vice President of the Board “Establishment of Sainik Colony at Srinagar” was discussed as one of the agenda points. Omar Abdullah at that time had not raised any objection to the proposal hence conveying his concurrence and that of his party too. The same has been recorded as Minute 3.9 in the Minutes of the Meeting of 2012 and distributed to all concerned after the meeting.” It was amply clarified during the meeting that strict bye laws will be made to ensure that only the ex- servicemen and serving soldiers can benefit from such a scheme. It is highly condemnable that same Omar Abdullah now at the behest of the separatists is trying to mislead the innocent people of the state with an attempt to create unrest in the Valley thus exposing his double face. It is a clear manifestation of the divisive, communal and separatist ideology of National Conference.

Brig Gupta also released a copy of the minute 3.9 and the list of participants of the meeting held at Raj Bhawan Jammu on 02 Mar 2012 in which name of Omar Abdullah appeared at ser no. 2. Brig Gupta challenged Omar Abdullah to deny this and render an apology to the people of J&K for misleading them for petty political gains. “Wasn’t Omar Abdullah concerned about the special status of J&K when he was the CM or he is only reminded of it and sheds crocodile tears for the same when not in power? How can he blame the current alliance government for the proposal mooted during the tenure of his government,” questioned Brig Gupta.