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Sat Sharma and Ashok Khajuria inaugurates  Transformer at Ward 28

To provide better power services in areas of Jammu West, State President BJP & MLA Sat Sharma (CA) and MLC Ashok Khajuria inaugurated brand new transformer installed at Bakshi Nagar area falling under Ward Number 28 near Geeta Mandir. Accompanied by PDD officials, both leaders inaugurated the transformers in the presence of a large  number of people hailing from the areas.


The works for installation of transformer was taken up under the CDF (Constituency Development Fund) Scheme of the MLC in order to carry on works for setting up Sub Station as well in which he has contributed Rupees 4.75 lakhs.


Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma appreciated the efforts of Ashok Khajuria for providing funds from his CDF said that it was a long pending demand of the area as residents suffered from acute shortage of electricity and low voltage and many times electrical appliances installed at residents of public damaged due to short circuit and there was so much problem in the areas. He said transformer bearing capacity of 250 KVA has been installed in the area in order to overcome such problems.


He said that the problems of fluctuation will not be a problem anymore and no unscheduled cuts will take place in the area. He stated that the power crisis from Jammu West is almost solved from majority of the areas and places left will also be covered in the coming days where there is a dire need of installation of new transformers.


Sharma also said the areas of Jammu West which are suffering the same problem of low voltage and unscheduled power cuts are kept on priority and in the coming days, installation of new transformers and upgradation of transformers in those areas will take place in the coming days and it will be seen that the works take place as soon as possible so that in the next summer season the problem pertaining to power cuts and low voltage do not occur.

Ashok Khajuria appreciated the efforts of PDD (Power Development Department) for looking into the problems of public on a serious note and solving it in no matter of time and also stated that IRCON has also installed numerous transformers in the Constituency which will help a lot in coming summers.


He also stated that providing masses with best possible infrstructure is the priority of the present coalition Government in the State and he also stated that whereever and when ever required he is willing to contribute anything from his personal funds so that masses do not suffer and all types of basic amenities are provided to them at their door steps.

EX EN PDD Sanjay Sharma, EX EN JMC Parvodh Sharma, District President BJP Ayodhya Gupta, AEE Anil Abrol, JE Sanjeev Hans, Prem GUpta, Sameer Vohra, Dr Deepak Kapoor, Sanjeev Sharma, Rajeshwar Sharma, Ravi Kant Sharma, Suresh Gupta, Dr Akshay Sharma, Dr Deepak Kumar,  Suresh, Atul Bakshi, Ramesh Sharma, Ashok Dutta, Rajidner Verma, Pranav, Vijay Sharma, Ramesh Khajuria, Dr RC GUpta, Pushkar NAth, Naresh Vohra, Sanam Damir, Rajesh Tandon, Om Parkash Damir, Arun Verma, Anju Tandon, Rmaehs Sharma, Suresh Tandon, Rajesh Kapoor, Rakesh Kapoor, Yash Pal Kapoor, Naveen vij, Renu Sehgal, Dr Anil Suri, Kadam Kapoor,  Ankush Sharma and several others were also present on the occasion.