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Say no to Momo M.S.G Present

We are developing society rather in many fields of life we are totally developed, although development process is a continuous method and always there remain scope for improvement. In ancient times, when human being has not started use of fire, raw food was used by him like animals. With the passage of time and with the growth of Science and Technology eating and living habits started changing and the change was very slow. Because there was no media in present format and it reduced the communication and tracking of development activities to large extent. Now maximum sources are available with mankind, habit of diet and products changed from time to time and ultimately each and every area, found food for them, with a definite mode of preparation. To clarify the same Punjab use to take spicy as well as sugar containing food which is rich of proteins and carbohydrates. Different flavors were developed and study shows Punjab have maximum variety of flavors. This habit is co-related with lifestyle and farming was the main profession and people use to carry on physical exercises which indirectly were helpful in digestion and capacity of intake was more than other parts. Kashmir (Part of J&K) use maximum mutton in different forms and variety and if the people residing in hot area take so much, which is normal diet in Kashmir they will not be able to digest the same.

Jammu people are fond of Rajmash, Chapati, Dal (Pulses), Ambal and Khamira so on. It will not be appropriate to discuss food of each state but the above said examples are indicators that food habit of a particular area is developed in centuries not in years. But as technology, globalization and advancement made progress with good communication facilities, few items of a particular area started making its presence in other areas but basic taste and items were always appreciated and liked by them.

Momo, Chinese meat soup and Noodles entered in maximum areas of food item especially when we talk of fast food. Children’s started consuming the same as a normal preparation it was cheaper and easy preparing food, although exceptions can be there and momo and noodles along with Manchurian attracted maximum. Now the question crop up, whether its presence have developed good eating habits or otherwise. When research was carried out different people and scientists came across the ingredients used in the material there was (flash common component and that was MSG i.e. Monosodium Glutamate). Monosodium Glutamate was found as main ingredient of Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto is a Japanese company known as Ajinomoto Corporation and it improves the flavor of food and it is a addiction salt. “Doctor Marcola suggests, MSG is (A silent Killer that worse than alcohol, nicotine and drugs is likely lurking in your kitchen cabinets and even in your child school cafeteria)”. Although serious debate started and wide range of reports of unfavorable side effects from MSG consumption started figuring on research side. The side effects of Ajinomoto (MSG) are

1 MSG causes burning sensation in the face and neck, breathing problem, headache, nausea, vomiting, fast heart beat when consumed in excessive amount. Normally known as Chinese restaurant syndrome.

2 In pregnant women too much MSG allows a way to free Glutamate In the body. It has an effect on the baby by breaking down the placental barrier of food supply to the baby. Neesha Bukht Choksy, who is a nutrition consultant suggest, increased quantities of sodium in your diet can lead to water retention and high Blood Pressure while pregnant women. Likewise it was reported that it is not good for consuming when a female is pregnant.

3 Migraine trigger consumption of Ajinomoto can cause a headache to transform into a migraine and it includes, vision changes, sensitivity of sound or light.

4 Ajinomoto is bad for heart it increases abnormal heart beats, chest pains and cardiac muscles arrest.

5 Ajinomoto effects nerves.

6 Asthma: – Ajinomoto may cause asthma problem and can increase the problem also.

7 Weight Gain:- It may cause overeating and Ajinomoto consumption will affect the body weight.

8 Hypertension:- A research shows that MSG effects the blood pressure.

9 Breathing: – It affects normal breathing and Snoring problems are caused.

10 Sleepless Ness:- MSG is a nervous stimulant that stimulates the brain cells or neurons, which causes problems.

11 Cancer:-“The author of Excitotoreins.. the taste that kills” who is Dr. Russel Blaylock claims that excessive ingestion of Glutamate enhances cancer development .

12 Blood sugar:- It increases the level of blood sugar .

Now the question comes for the knowledge and discussion of the public that Ajinomoto MSG is used in India in uncontrolled form. Momo’s are made of Maida which has no fiber and is bleached to give whiteness before consumption of human being. I think so in 1908 the salt was prepared by Japanese company and being easily available it was used in approximate maximum eating items of China. It has started effecting our food habits towards negativity and intestinal colitis is also one of the important issue and doctors do operate many a times.

Now let’s pledge that our young generation should be aware about different problems created by Ajinomoto. I came across few TV debates which were initiated after our demand of Ban in J&k on Momo’s because MSG is used as a taste maker and causes addiction with its horrible side effects. TV debates clearly indicate that they carried out surprise checkup at Delhi the capital of India and found Ajinomoto is used in preparation of Momo. A counter drive was started by the big industry using Ajinomoto and they have not given answer to problems caused by Ajinomoto but they have only tried to create an impression that momo is good in-spite of above facts and people should take It without discussing its “Pros and Cons” . Young generation should study the effects of MSG/Ajinomoto. In Jammu seven samples were collected from posh area of Green Belt Park, Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar etc but the result of six samples came with the observation (Unsafe) and result of one was pending.

I am not creating restriction but I have started discussion on use of Ajinomoto in Momo and other items let’s deliberate before we make it a food of important consumption. Government being a socio-welfare state is duty bound to take care about the health of public. Matter will be taken up at appropriate level.