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SC judgement will bring revolution in politics: Aseem

The recent judgement of the Supreme Court of India that no politician or political party can seek votes in the name of caste, creed, religion or language is a landmark decision and will obviously bring a revolution in the Indian politics.

This was stated by BJP State Secretary Aseem Gupta, while advising the Indian politicians not to mix religion with politics as elections is a secular process and religion has no role in it.

Aseem Gupta said that we were ruled by Mughals and Britishers for hundreds of years due to which we lost our original identity and in 1947 when we got Independence we were not shown right path for leading the country towards development, rather politicians started using to exploit the people of the country in the name of religion and caste for their political benefits. Their sole motive was that their political shops should keep running. Some particular community people were used for their political benefits and making people fight with each other by giving the name of (Communal Rights) and taking benefit for themselves and their Party and nothing to do with nation.

Aseem further said that the countries who got independence merely 30 years back are more progressive and have very well developed infrastructure and Hongkong is one of the example.

The reason for the development of countries like Hongkong is because of the fact that people focus on what they have been contributing towards their nation cutting across their individual association or faith. But on the other hand, the people in our country has more concern and worry for themselves rather than thinking of the country. It is due to this mindset that India has become a country where family promotion is priority, corruption reach new heights, scams become  routine matter and  nepotism prevails.

The historic judgement is highly appreciable and will prove to be a strong tool in  cleaning the polluted politics in India and provide an opportunity to the  people to rise above caste, religion and region and cast their constitutional right for better party at candidates so that the country prosper and progress.

Aseem Gupta appealed the people to come forward and take a sincere pledge to not get misled on the slogans of caste and religion and contribute in giving new direction to the Indian politics for a better future.