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Valley unrest sustained by fake currency, Hawala money: Sethi

Militancy and separatism in Kashmir will never be same after the ‘Financial Surgical Strike’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The well timed and extremely well executed move on blocking currency of high denominations by the Union Government has put the nail in the coffin of separatism and militancy in the state.

Sunil Sethi, State Bhartiya Janata Party, State Chief Spokesperson, said that it is matter of common knowledge that unrest in Valley is sustained by ‘fake currency’ and ‘Hawala money’ from across borders or by even enemies of the nation sitting within but with the change of high denomination currency the money flow in Kashmir will be effectively stopped, which will ensure peace in region.

Sunil Sethi further said that capacity of separatists and enemy, sitting across border to financially sustain such unrest over period of time, like what is being witnessed now, will never happen in future.  The correction in system carried by currency reforms will be here for stay and more anticipated reforms of Central Government will ensure that in future, nobody will be allowed to run business of terror and blood in land of peace.

Sethi further noted that though people are currently facing difficulties because of the shifting of system but this is being done for larger interest of nation, which is being welcomed by public at large. State BJP has called upon public to stand with historical reforms being executed by Central government for larger benefits of coming generations and peace and progress of nation. The amount of money which will become available to Govt as unclaimed amount, will be huge enough to sustain unprecedented developments projects in country, which will make life of the Indians easy.

He also noted that money, which is being deposited in banks, will put currency back in circulation and also get tax to govt.  The system as being implemented will make corruption and black-marketing in future almost impossible.

Sunil Sethi said the government will surely target the money in foreign banks stacked by corrupt elements. That is wealth of the nation and will be used for the citizens of nation, he added.