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Seminar on ‘Digital, Cashless India’ held at Srinagar

A brain storming session was organized on ‘Digital and Cashless India’ with the students of Arsh Institute of Health Science and Technology, Khunmoh, Srinagar, to highlight the importance of digitization in the present world.

The event was organized by Mohammad Anwar Khan, Chairman of the institute where hundreds of students participated, and BJP State General Secretary (Org) Ashok Kaul delivered important key lecture on digitization and its importance in the country.

The digitization has not proved only cost effective, but also changed the narrative of present economy. “The digitization would prove an effective tool in shaping the future of state economy,” the speakers said.

Ashok Kaul, speaking on the occasion said the digitization has revolutionized the India and many states has adopted it full to ensure its benefits. “Digitization was the vision of PM Narendra Modi, who has realized the better future of digital and cashless economy to ensure safe and effective economy in which everyone is benefitted,” Kaul said.

Kaul also said the initiative would stop the corruption in the state; bring accountability and transparency in the state. “It has also proved extreme helpful for the students community like filling online forms, jobs applications and other necessary documents,” he said, adding, otherwise, students have to run for pillar for a smaller work.

College Chairman, Khan also spoke on the occasion and threw light on the digitization and cashless economy.

Present in the seminar were Altaf Thakur, Media Incharge Kashmir and Arif Raja, Protocol Incharge.

Similarly, BJP Talab Tillo Mandal under Mandal President Jeet Angral held similar seminar under the guidance of BJP IT & Social Media Department State Incharge Jaidev Rajwal and District President Ayodhya Gupta.

At Sunderbani also the Mandal President Sanjeev Kumar organized similar seminar.

At Raipur-Domana, the seminar was organized under Mandal President Ved Parkash.