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Separatists are going to perish: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly ridiculed the statement of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman, asking for unity among the separatist leadership and Kashmiri Muslims to protect Kashmiri nationalism, freedom movement and Muslim majority character of Jammu and Kashmir. Prof. Virender also strongly criticized his utterance that efforts are being made to grab the land of the people of J&K, change the religious identity and demography in the name of setting up a Sainik Colonies, separate colonies for displaced Kashmiri Pandits, refugee colonies and new industrial policy.
Prof. Virender Gupta said that the above statement clearly reflects the mindset of the Kashmiri Muslim separatist leader and added that they pretend to be secular but in the heart of heart they are extremely communal and thrust their Kashmiri Muslim identity on Dogras of Jammu and on the people of Ladakh and they are apprised to any attempt to settle the non-Kashmiri Muslims and those who favours the Indian nationalism and the secular ethos of the country. He further added that the separatists want to enjoy all the benefits that are made available to them by the secular democratic India but always conspire against the interests of the country on the behest of the enemies of the country.
Prof. Virender told the separatist leaders that their game plan to separate Kashmir from India is not going to succeed and they are losing their support above day by day as Kashmiri masses have become aware of their mischievous designs and warn them that they are going to perish along with their ill thoughts.