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Separatists pitting people against each other: BJP

‘Stop playing politics over dead bodies, allow common Kashmiri to breathe freely’

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has expressed serious concern over miscreants targeting the ambulances and the vehicles plying on the roads.
In a statement here the BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “It’s unfortunate that separatists have turned streets of Kashmir into battlegrounds and common man is being victimized for defying their diktats. The stone pelters, who these separatists have nurtured during all these months, are targeting the poor civilians, who want to resume their daily chores and get back to work.”
The BJP spokesman said, “These miscreants are not even sparing the ambulances ferrying patients and doctors. They are on the mission to destroy Kashmir.”
Jehangir said, “There is no place for senseless violence in any civilized society but unfortunately the so-called well wishers of Kashmiris have turned Kashmir into hell, and they are deriving sadistic pleasure by doing all this. Separatists should see the writing on the wall and stop playing politics over dead bodies. They have turned Kashmiri youth into cannon-fodder and have pushed the Kashmiri society to the edge. It’s high time they (separatists) stop dancing to the tunes of their handlers sitting across the LoC and allow Kashmiris to breathe freely.”
The BJP spokesman said, “Separatists by inciting violence are trying to pit people against each other and have created a civil war like situation in Kashmir. They stand exposed before the masses and people are giving them a befitting reply by defying the shutdown and chalo calls.”