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Sethi calls upon public to be part of nation building

We are witnessing history being created and India on the verge of Yug Parivartan. This comes after thousands of years when a sleeping nation is awakened and new consciousness and soul is put.  Indians of today are lucky to be part of process of making a New India, where honesty will be way of life.

Jammu and Kashmir State Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson, Sunil Sethi, said that India is getting new freedom, this time from dishonesty, unprincipled ways, non concern for nation. It’s not only demonetization of high denomination currency, but what is happening is a strong resolve of all Indians to live for nation and to live in honesty.

Sunil Sethi said that New India shall have a stable democracy with strong economy and of high moral principles of society. The temporary inconveniences being faced by public will pave ways for sustained growth and stable economy, as also of high moral standards of society, where country will always come first.

He said that money will get circulated back in public over period of time through developmental projects. The days of dependency on foreign debts and international funding for even small projects will be a matter of past and defence of country will be highly effective and efficient with money available with govt.

Sunil Sethi noted that in new system, all the money will remain in circulation which is the basis of efficient economy and sustained progress.  He called upon public to be part of nation and nationalism building and give their part of offerings in this great Yagna started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.