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Settle Rohingyas, Bangladeshi outside State: Prof. Virender Gupta

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta asked the Government of Jammu & Kashmir and that of the Centre to deport Rohingyas and Balgladeshi from the State in view of the sensitive and peculiar situation of Jammu & Kashmir and the strategy of Pakistan inflicting Jehadi-Terrorism in the State. The episode of Sunjwan where army personnel and one civilian were martyred and many other injured during terrorists attack on the army camp is eye opening. The suspicions has been raised against the local support including the Rohingyas who were settled in the vicinity of the camp’s boundary. “The resistance offered by those at the helm of affairs in the state government and the majority community of the state against their deportation from the state is not understandable”, the Spokesperson said. He added that by their resistance, they want to invite great trouble for the peace and communal harmony of the State.

Prof. Virender said that if such people have great concern of humanity, then why they are not providing shelters to them in the Valley. “Infact they have mysterious designs of changing the demography of Jammu province and are advocating their cause with ulterior motives”, he added. The Spokesperson advised them to look at the Middle East counties which have predominately Muslim population. Each country has its own nationality (Komiat) and all such countries fight with each other keeping their own agenda and interests. The Muslim population residing in these countries to engage in sectarian battles among themselves and even do not hesitate to butcher their own countrymen.

The Spokesperson calls upon the Government of India to take necessary steps to get Rohingyas and Bangladeshi deported from Jammu & Kashmir State while looking at the gravity of the situation and asked it to settle them temporarily in some other parts of the country. This is essential to avoid their use by the anti-national and Pro-Pak forces, which are bent upon to disturb the State and challenge the integrity of the country