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Sh. Harinder Gupta counters Bhalla by enumerating BJP’s achievements

J&K BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta took serious exception to the statement of Jammu based Congress leader & former Minister Raman Bhalla, as the latter has tried to shift the inefficiency of previous Congress led governments over the present popular dispensation.
Harinder Gupta said that BJP under the dynamic leadership of charismatic leader PM Narendra Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah as well as State BJP under the active leader its State President & MLA Sat Sharma has scaled new heights in terms of rolling out public welfare schemes for the benefit of the poorest of poor and this fact is particularly evident from all the surveys of recent times. Improvement of Nation’s performance on International platform, increase in public satisfaction, revival of faith of youth on the political system of India, a new ever increasing search of avenues for self determination by resorting to entrepreneurship by the youth instead of looking for 9-5 jobs, provision of safety and security to women folk by giving them their due share and responsibilities and what not is achieved in the present dispensation, asked Harinder Gupta.
Gupta said that, in our state for the first time, the valley is looking for the normalization of situation of despair and the youth is headed for a new start with bright future. The region of Jammu, from where the rejected Congress leader belongs, stands no exception to the unprecedented development, which was being ignored continuously for so many decades together, by the previous governments in which congress party and its leaders enjoyed all the powers and milked the system for making their own fortunes, and everybody knows this, he alleged. He said that the motto of BJP is “Nation first, Party second and Self last” and every single BJP volunteer is attached with the party to ensure the best services to the common masses.
Gupta said that everywhere, never before quality roads are being laid, numerous new transformers are being sanctioned, new water pipes after decades have been laid, entrepreneurship is being promoted, new professional colleges are coming up, smart cities are being developed, public representatives are working like machines for the welfare of public, public accountability in government offices, move towards less cash economy for less corruption and uncountable achievements are there in the kitty of BJP partnered government. He further said that those who themselves live in glass houses, should not throw stones at others and that too foolishly, which will rebound with increased velocity to their houses.