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Sh. Karan Sat Sharma celebrates Diwali at Old Age Home and Bal Niketan, Ambphalla

Showing gesture of humanity and celebrating Diwali in a different way, State Vice President BJYM (Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha) Karan Sat Sharma along with his team visited Old Age home and Bal Ashram, Ambphalla where he distributed sweets and other items amongst the old aged and children.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that it is a very pious occasion and it is our duty as well to look after those who require utmost attention of our love and compassion in today’s date. He said we should all celebrate such important occasions with them so that they do not feel neglected in the society and further it brings a moral culture in us as well.

He also stated that our Prime Minister has so much of schemes for old aged and such children and in the coming times we will try our level best to get benefits of such schemes for them so that they could be provided with extra possible benefits.

Sanjay Sawhney, Pankaj Sawhney, Atul Bakshi, Dalbir Singh, Arjun, Anil Kumar, Rustam and several others were also present on the occasion.