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Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the upgradation work of lane & drain at Raghunath mandir chowk

Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the upgradation work of lane & drain at Raghunath mandir chowk photostate gali in Ward No. 15.The estimated cost of the work is rupees 10 lakhs.
The JMC officials who accompanied the MLA included AEE Anil Gupta and JE Mohd.Yaseen. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included the Distt. President Baldev Singh Billowria, Viney Gupta, Prof Shyam, Pradeep Sharma, P.C.Gupta, Raj Kumar Gupta, Vageesh Bharti, Gulshan Mahajan, Girdhari Lal, Kuldeep Kandhari, Ramesh Sharma and Ajay Grover.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that demonetization and GST implementation were landmark decisions that would have a positive long-term impact on the economy of our country. He said that the increased amount of taxes realized by the government would be used for the various developmental activities and social welfare measures for the general public. The implementation of these schemes would ultimately lead to poverty alleviation and overall prosperity for all.Rajesh Gupta said that only a visionary leader like Modi Ji can take such bold and big decisions because his only interest is the welfare of the people of this country.
The social activists who accompanied the MLA included Raman Suri, Tinku and Rotary club President Rakesh Gupta.

The members of the Kanak Mandi Traders Association Anoop Mittal, Ashish Mahajan, Nikhil Gupta, Rakesh Gupta and Vipan Gupta were present on the occasion.
The prominent who accompanied the MLA included Viney Gupta, Rajinder Gupta, Suraj, Harjang Singh, Raju Sethi, Anita Gupta, Kiran Chouhan, Bobby and Kurneesh Gupta.